BudgetSmart with PayPlan

From Council Tax to utility bills, healthcare to pet care, car insurance to home insurance, you can use BudgetSmart to help you save money.

How to use BudgetSmart

BudgetSmart is split into different categories, helping you to review each element of your household budget separately. Simply scroll down to select one of the 8 categories for a breakdown of easy actions that may help you to improve your monthly budget. Or type the name of the expense you are finding a challenge in the search box.

For example, if you’re worried about your food bills, type ‘food’ in the search box, or select ‘Household & Personal Care’ and then ‘Food’ for:

  • some tips on where to get the best deals when you’re doing your weekly shop,
  • information on free school meals and Healthy Start vouchers,
  • coupons, cashback, and apps that can help you save money,
  • how to access discounts if you work in healthcare, the Armed Forces, or the emergency services, and much more.

Or if Council Tax is a concern for you, choose the ‘Housing & Utilities’ category and check whether you are entitled to a Council Tax reduction or rebate.

Other BudgetSmart categories that you may find helpful

The tool includes 8 main categories, which are then broken down into 43 specific sections covering areas we know our customers are finding a challenge. For example, essential utilities like gas, electric, water and the costs associated with family pets.

Gas and electricity bills are two different topics found within ‘Housing & Utilities’ covering:

  • the importance of regular meter readings,
  • how to get emergency support from your supplier,
  • government and local authority support,
  • the Alternative Fuel Payment scheme,
  • how to access fuel vouchers, and more.

Water bills can also be found under ‘Housing & Utilities’ and includes:

  • a calculator to see if you could save money with a water meter, and
  • what to say to your provider if you are struggling with your bills.

And if caring for your pets is a challenge in the current cost of living crisis, then select ‘Pets’ under ‘Household & Personal Care’ to find out:

  • how you can access subsidised treatments for your pets,
  • if you can get help with the cost of pet food, and
  • what organisations and charities provide wider help with associated pet costs.

Managing your money and understanding your budget will help you know where you can look for savings and BudgetSmart breaks it down for you.

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How to find the right support and guidance

If you think you may need help with something other than your finances. PayPlan also work with an extensive group of support partners who offer specialist services. Their Support Directory allows you to filter by the type of support you are looking for, making it easier to find the help you need.