Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs have been designed to answer many of your commonly asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please call Customer Services on 0333 300 0426.

How do I notify you of a change of contact details?

Please call Customer Services on 0333 300 0426.

I would like to pay off some of my mortgage, how do I do this?

If you would like to make a part capital repayment towards your outstanding balance, please contact Customer Services on 0333 300 0426 to request further information.

We will provide you with details of the minimum amount that you can pay and how this payment will affect your account and any future repayments.

Please note that a part capital repayment may incur an Early Repayment Charge. This will be outlined in the details we provide to you, if applicable. An administration fee may also be payable. Please refer to your Lender’s current Tariff of Charges and Sundry Fees.

When does my early repayment charge period end?

Please refer to your original mortgage offer. If you have any questions concerning your original offer, one of our Customer Services Officers will be happy to discuss this with you on 0333 300 0426.

Can I change my monthly payment date?

Requests will be considered for an alternative payment date providing it is before the 21st of the month. As we can only take payments by Direct Debit on the 1st of a month, where an alternative payment date is agreed then an alternative method of payment to a Direct Debit will also be required. If we are unable to change the payment date, we will tell you the reason why your request has not been agreed. Click here for further information on how to make payments.

I want to rent out my property, what should I do?

If you wish to rent out your property, please contact us before doing so to discuss your proposal as you need your Lender’s consent to do this. Before you can rent out your property, you must ensure your account is up to date with no current arrears. Please be aware that before your lender can consider the letting of your property, you must provide them with a proposed or actual tenancy agreement in a format acceptable to your lender – please contact us for details.

What happens if I miss a monthly payment?

If you usually make your payments by Direct Debit and the payment has been returned due to insufficient funds being available, we will send you a letter to make you aware of the missed payment. A second attempt will then be made to collect the payment by Direct Debit ten business days later.

If the payment has failed due to reasons other than insufficient funds being available (such as account closure or instructions not to pay), you will receive a letter advising you of the missed payment and we will not attempt to make a second collection by Direct Debit. We will initially attempt to contact you by letter to make you aware of the missed payment.

You may receive additional letters in accordance with your arrears position throughout the month.

You may incur fees and charges as a result of a missed payment including where we have to send letters to you – please refer to your Lender’s current Tariff of Charges and Sundry Fees.

I am in arrears and facing litigation action – what should I do?

You should contact the Customer Arrears Support Department on 0333 300 0468 to discuss the clearance of your arrears by setting up a payment arrangement with us or discuss other options with a member of our team.

What will happen if I have to go to Court?

If you are facing repossession action and due in court, you will have been informed in writing by our solicitors of your court hearing date, time and location. Your case may be heard at your local court where a judge and a representative from our solicitors will be present.

If you have not reached a payment arrangement with us and do not provide the judge with definitive proposals, they may declare a Straight Possession Order. This is where the lender can take possession of your property within 28 days (or a multiple thereof).

We suggest you attend the court hearing. If you are able to make reasonable repayment proposals to the court, the judge may make a Suspended Possession Order, which will allow you to remain in possession of the property as long as payments are made in accordance with the order.

The court has declared a Possession Order against my property, am I still able to repay the mortgage in full?

You can repay the mortgage in full up until the point of repossession. If you would like to redeem your account, please request a redemption statement.

Who can I contact for advice?

There are a number of independent, external organisations that you can contact for help and advice. Please click here for further information.

How can I make a complaint?

If you wish to make a complaint, please refer to our complaints section which explains how to raise your concerns.