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Acenden Services


Our team is ambitious, energetic and motivated to get results for clients and customers alike. We don't just service requests; we add value by working collaboratively and creating ways of achieving more, while controlling risk. We do what is needed to generate value for our clients by dealing with customers sensitively and fairly, helping them understand the options available to them.

For each client, we create a bespoke service with specific objectives against which we constantly assess performance and results. As we learn more about your business and objectives, gather data and monitor feedback from our customer facing teams, we evolve strategies to improve results.

We provide a fully integrated, end to end servicing proposition, with primary customer administration, specialist servicing, repossession management and securitisation and SPV administration. We believe many of our servicing propositions are market leading, particularly focussing on higher risk loan management.

Every team member receives regular training on process change and collections practice, including money laundering, complaints handling and FCA compliance to ensure that we provide a fair and compliant service to our customers and clients.

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